The judge admitted that he had lost confidence in the rule of law, and some political decisions simply do not understand. As an example, he cited the lack of performance of 150 thousand. arrest warrants. Leaves much to be desired in his opinion, also dealing with foreigners. “Morality is too often faced above the law” – he said. Aside from sympathy for the individual migrant, we must recognize that the one who was refused asylum, he must return to their country of origin – he stressed. He added that in many cases departed from the execution of the judgment, because “it did not bring splendor.” GNIS spoke in favor of restricting the right to “tolerated stay” or residence permit, despite the refusal of asylum. “Foreigners, with whom we have problems, for example the Kurds in Duisburg-Marxloh Arab clans or Berlin, people are just tolerated” – the judge said in an interview for “Der Spiegel”. GNIS pointed to the problem of pressure from the public. He gave the example of an Albanian family, which could not be deported because the demonstrators blocked for seven hours the court in Bielefeld.

The judge criticized the politicians for public statements, which suggest “capital punishment.” A mistake also considered very meticulous prosecution of offenses that are treated more severely than minor offenses. In Berlin 20 per cent. the police officers involved only in the identification of drivers caught by the radar. This causes lack of strength on the prosecution of perpetrators of crimes – bicycle thieves, crooks and people who caused the injury of others – said GNIS “Spieglowi.” From Berlin Jacek Lepiarz (PAP) The European Commission has for some time sought here is that the whole of the EU as an organization acceded to the Convention. As assured the Commission experts, the adoption of the regulation at EU level will bring many benefits, including facilitate the collection of data on cases of violence against women in the EU and assess the effectiveness of the program. In response to the request of the European Commission, the EU Council in May approved the Union’s accession to the Convention. Tuesday in Strasbourg, the Commissioner Jourova accompanied by Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjoern Jagland signed the Community to accede to the Convention Stambulskiej.zobacz also: EP rapporteur appeal to the Polish Government ws.

Istanbul Convention »” The Istanbul Convention is the first binding international instrument and versatile in Europe, which refers to violence against women, and that will allow the EU and its Member States to develop and strengthen mechanisms to prevent, prosecute and eliminate violence against women and girls and domestic violence. The signing of the convention is an important political signal in 2017, which the Commission announced last year to combat violence against women: the EU is determined to put an end to this phenomenon, “- wrote in a joint statement Viera Jourova and EC Vice President Frans Timmermans. The Convention obliges member states to enhance the protection of victims of violence and to punish perpetrators. Violence against women, including psychological violence, physical and sexual violence, stalking, female genital mutilation (FGM), forced marriage, abortion and sterilization – are considered criminal offenses. Convention increases the powers of the police and gives her the right to remove the perpetrator of domestic violence from the house. It obliges Member States to provide shelter to victims of violence in a number of readily available and scattered throughout the country and to establish shelters hour hot line toll-free phone number victims could seek help, expert advice or information about where they should go. In addition, Member States should ensure access to crisis centers for victims of rape and sexual violence.

These centers would provide immediate medical care and legal services. The Convention also requires that victims have full access to information concerning the rights available to them. This information should be presented in an accessible and understandable language. For the first time Istanbul Convention was presented in 2011. Three years later, he came into force. In Poland, from the beginning it aroused considerable controversy.

Quoted the arguments about its incompatibility with the Polish Constitution and that is a threat to the Polish tradition of the family (document assumes that there is a relationship of unequal treatment of violence and that violence can not be justified by tradition or religion). But Poland has signed it in December 2012. In April, the government passed a resolution to submit it for ratification and adopted a draft law. Parliament works lasted until August 2014., The bill was passed at the beginning of 2015. President Bronislaw Komorowski signed it in March and ratified the Convention on April 13. Treaty began in Poland into force on 1 August last year.

Even last year, the media stated that the Polish government plans to withdraw from the Convention. “The work plan of the government does not provide for the withdrawal of the Polish conventions” – he said then the PAP government plenipotentiary. Civil Society Adam Lipinski. To EU as a whole can ratify the convention, take it must all Member States. So far, all 28 EU countries have signed the convention, but only 14 of them have ratified it, which is ultimately recognized as legally binding instrument of international law. “this is just the first step. the EU today officially signed the Strasbourg Convention the Istanbul before us a long process of ratification. Now everything depends on how the process will be conducted. Is it will be a full implementation of the provisions of the Convention, which requires its prior ratification by all Member States or the EU will focus on selected aspects in connection with the principle of subsidiarity, eg. to promote the principle of equal treatment for men and women. and then you do not have to wait for ratification by all EU countries “- estimated in an interview with PAP MEP PO Agnieszka Kozlowska-Rajewicz.

Press officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Rzeszów phones. Adam Szeląg told PAP that the man was conscious and talked to who came to the place of the explosion officers. Preliminary findings indicate that the man himself has constructed an explosive device, mixing different substances, because he wanted to kill himself. Szeląg added that the police gave a version of the same man. Currently, the victim in the hospital.

The state of man is heavy, it has, among others, burned inhalation. The explosion no one else was hurt. Szeląg assured that the police explains the circumstances of the incident. But – as he said on the basis of previous findings – certainly ruled out that it was a terrorist act. On-site technicians kryminalistyczni explosion and police secured pyrotechnics left traces necessary to explain the specific circumstances of the incident.

Police appeal to contact people who witnessed the event. (PAP) Neither the fact that some of its members say something completely different than Trump campaign (actually it’s even better). Neither the fact that this will be the most militarized administration for many years, because looking at the current helplessness of the US in the Middle East, it is hard not to think that it lacks two-three former generals, who sticks with terrorists. From poverty can not even go to the agenda the fact that as yet it is also the least ethnically diverse cabinet since time immemorial .See also Potocki and Parafianowicz: Warsaw is not Kiev »I would give Trumpowi and his emerging team credit of trust, but there’s a few people that cause, I can not. Secretary of Labor, who fights with the regulations of defending the workers ?! The head of nature conservation agencies, who takes the side of the big polluters ?! OK, American workers and nature – an American problem. But Secretary of State, for which there are serious doubts whether the country will carry interest, or maybe a big oil company, or worse yet, a great power, is no longer just an American problem. Unfortunately, it is our. I would like to believe that Trump puts his vision of America, and not someone else.

Sunday was changed departure time of the train from Katowice to Sędziszowa: instead of hours. 13.35 sets out a half hour later. As a result, students have to fly will be able to easily catch a train after school. Also changes the composition of the schedule, “Orlik” relationship Czestochowa – Krakow – Czestochowa. From Sunday train arrives to Krakow 20 minutes later (i.e. at approx.

8.30) and leaves at 18.42 – so 1.5 hours later. In addition, the course from Krakow to 18.12 hours from Sędziszów postponed to 17.25. Morning train at 7.19, which so far has kursował from Krakow to Miechow has been extended to Sędziszowa. Infrastructure manager also ran scheduled for the end of April this year, closing the stretch of track between the stations and Krakow Central Krakow Plaszow. This will take place at the earliest in July this year. In the 2016/2017 timetable in the province of Malopolska run 323 trains. Implementing regional transport two companies: local railways and Malopolska Regional Transport, of which the provincial government has signed a contract for the provision of transport services. (PAP) Research exit poll conducted exploratory IPR Italian resort.

Elections were to last for hours. 19 Polish time, but it was extended by one hour due to low turnout. According to preliminary calculations, it amounted to approximately 43.88 per cent. and was the lowest since the fall of the communist government in Albania – gives AFP. PSSh in pre-election polls had a slight advantage. The main rival of the ruling formation in the elections was a right-wing Albanian Democratic Party (PDSh), which according to the exit poll surveys obtains about 34 percent. votes. In the elections for the unicameral parliament, the Assembly of the Republic of Albania, took off on Sunday 18 ugrupowań.zobacz also Albania: The mysterious poisoning of several opposition activists »Election Commission announced that the preliminary results will be announced in the coming days. Over the course of 3 thousand watched the vote. observers, including more than 300 from the OSCE.

Albanian Interior Ministry said in a statement, reported that hundreds of cases of vote-buying and voter intimidation; However, the Ministry did not give any details. According to Deputy Lediny Mandiji “vote went peacefully despite a few incidents.” The two main Albanian parties promised that “after the elections jointly ask” about the opening of accession negotiations with the European Union – said Rama. Free, fair and fair vote was considered one of the conditions to start talks with Brussels. Since June 2014 Albania has the status of candidate country to the EU, of which sought since 2009. However, the entry into the Community for Tirana is still a distant prospect. They are needed to further action in the fight against drugs, as well as reform of the judiciary. 52-year-old prime minister Rama wants to renew its mandate and again to stand at the head of the government to complete the started reforms and make changes in public administration.

The future government will have to face with giant challenges, not just economic. With the country’s young people are leaving en masse, fleeing high unemployment. It affects one third of them. Albania has 2.9 million citizens living abroad and 1.2 million Albanians, which is a world record. According to On Wednesday, during a meeting of the parliamentary committee of local government and regional policy, the state of preparations for this year’s local elections presented the deputy head of the MIA Members Szefernaker Paul, chairman of the National Electoral Commission Wojciech Hermeliński and head of the National Electoral Office Magdalena Pietrzak. Deputy Minister said that the Interior Ministry has received 722 applications for the election commissioners. “Some of them did not meet the requirements,” – he added.

Among the candidates they were, among others, lawyers, judges and legal advisers prawni.zobacz also Scheuring-Wielgus: After the elections possible “combination of all the democratic forces'” “As a result of the recruitment Minister of Interior and Administration Minister Mr Joachim Brudzinski National Electoral Commission presented a list of 144 candidates for 100 electoral commissioners all delegations. “Nominations were submitted to the NEC last week. He added Szefernaker,” the minister gives for them warranties. “Among the candidates – as enumerated Szefernaker – there were 15 existing commissioners, 46 judges, 15 lawyers, 32 legal advisors, 6 employees 7 government and government employees. the head of the NEC noted that in some districts there is one candidate for one miejsce.zobacz also Kosiniak- Kamysz: a coalition with the PiS impossible, because this formation antysamorządowa »Hermeliński announced that next Monday at a meeting on March 26 NEC committee try to refer all election commissioners. Head PWK also drew attention to the problem of lack of adequate number of election officials. Until the presentation of the state of preparations before the reported 1200 from 5200 officials needed. The deadline for submitting candidates was extended to April 6. Hermeliński also raised the subject of cameras needed to provide for the transmission of the election. Still under development it is the specification of the order. – Dear Residents, dialogue and meeting with you is very important to me.

Please patience for a few days – says the tweet posted on the official profile of the Ministry of Zdrowia.zobacz also Arlukowicz: I hope that by the end of the week the new Minister of Health will meet with residents »Daniel Łuszczewski, wicerzecznik Release Agreement OZZL Residents said that doctors expect to meet residents with the minister. – We look forward to a new opening – powiedział.Rezydenci lead a protest involving the termination of contracts, under which doctors agree to the extension of working time over 48 hours per week, which allows hospitals to provide medical service hour. They have earned the support of local government lekarskiego.Tydzień ago talks were held with residents Szumowski predecessor as Minister of Health – Konstanty Radziwill. There also brought porozumienia.zobacz Marek Suski Residents: I hope that will come some reflections » Prepared in the Ministry of Digitization project aims to improve the accessibility of websites and applications of all public entities, including eg. Schools for the disabled, blind or visually impaired. According to the ministry digitization of the availability of internet service you can say when “all users have full access to its content, the content can understand, and convenient navigation enables logical and intuitive interaction with the service.” The project implements the EU directive of 2016.


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