CEO Plan (All Inclusive):

CEO Program: The top of the line of our programs is really about developing the client into a record company with the artists becoming his/her own CEO. We mentor the client over a year and provide all of the services of the A La Carte Programs and train them to grow their business and become more profitable while we market their music and artistry. Includes the handling of all day-to-day activities related to release across all functions. Responsible for creating and implementing the marketing budget, plan, sales strategy, A&R strategy, and all creative, systemic and operational functions required taking a project to market.

$225,000 and up


Creative A&R / Presidents Program:

Creative Program: Designed for artist or labels that need creative development. Includes all services of the Jump Start Program and additional creative services as described below.

$100,000 and up

  • Oversee label creative direction
  • Strategic A&R field rep
  • – Assist in finding new songwriters, producers, & collaborations.
  • – Assist in publishing admin., solicit catalog to film & TV companies for placement.
  • – Mix & Mastering
  • – Coordinate Photo Shoot
  • Video Production
  • Power House Studio Booking
  • Tour Consultant
  • Tour Manager
  • Artwork Design
  • Vocal Coaching
  • Press Grooming
  • Choreography


Marketing Program / Business Now:

Business Now (Includes all services mentioned in Jump Start): Designed for artists who have sold music and have budgets in the middle range of our services and want to create a buzz for their new music and promote it more effectively on a regional or national basis. Includes Marketing plan creation, implementation, and execution. Strategic hiring, marketing budget also Includes co-op marketing specialist and spend administration.

$50,000 Minimum

  • Create and implement marketing plan
  • Social Media promotion
  • Weekly conference calls
  • Strategic Executive Staff assigned to release
  • Radio Plan creation and implementation
  • MTV/BET promotion
  • Secure blog posting through PR reps
  • Sales plan creation, implementation, and execution.
  • Pushing Distributors Sales team
  • Product placement on yahoo music, i-Tunes etc.
  • Cable and radio advertising specialist.
  • Handle advertising buys ie: TV, online, street


Jump Start (Recommended for new artist seeking distribution set up):

Jump-start: Includes distribution deal with Empire Distribution. Handle all day-to-day activities related to interacting with distributor to take a project to market. Responsible for handling all production issues, interacting with distributors’ label manager and production team to ensure timely delivery.

$7,500 Minimum

  • Licensed aggregator to Empire and INgrooves distribution. Will provide digital distribution agreement.
  • Handle all budgets, P&L analysis, predictions, numbers, statistical information, research, and reports.
  • Product Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Sound scan statistics, market analysis,
  • BDS /Media base reports
  • Media base / Soundscan access