Chinese males are actually in hot need among international females

Chinese males are actually in hot need among international females

It would likely additionally be the way it is of Chinese guys searching for international partners because they don’t want to marry Chinese ladies.

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Chinese guys are actually in hot need among international females. Reality or fiction?

The state that is chinese People’s Daily claims it is true because they are “honest, outgoing and responsible”.

In a report that is recent on Jul 28, the us government mouthpiece referenced a recently available wedding between a famous Chinese star, Yu Xiaoguang, and a Korean actress, Choo Ja-hyun, that gained much public attention, for instance of Chinese guys getting increasingly appealing to international girls.

Yu Xiaoguang and Choo Ja-hyun at 2017 CosmoBride Wedding prizes of the season. Photo via right right here

Intermarriages a trend that is emerging?

The report additionally pointed to a trend of increasing amounts of intermarriages between Chinese males and international ladies in Asia.

The report had been acquired on line by The day-to-day Mail and Nextshark, sparking debate among some netizens, with commentary such as these:

“I literally don’t see any data which reveal there are more interracial partners or marriages. All we see with this article is that the Chinese government government that is chinese hopeless to marketis their males.”

“Chinese propaganda campaign hopes to have their guys to find non-Chinese women since there is a shortage. But i am aware of no country that is western Chinese guys are popular. (more…)