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The judge admitted that he had lost confidence in the rule of law, and some political decisions simply do not understand. As an example, he cited the lack of performance of 150 thousand. arrest warrants. Leaves much to be desired in his opinion, also dealing with foreigners. “Morality is too often faced above the law” – he said. Aside from sympathy for the individual migrant, we must recognize that the one who was refused asylum, he must return to their country of origin – he stressed. He added that in many cases departed from the execution of the judgment, because “it did not bring splendor.” GNIS spoke in favor of restricting the right to “tolerated stay” or residence permit, despite the refusal of asylum. “Foreigners, with whom we have problems, for example the Kurds in Duisburg-Marxloh Arab clans or Berlin, people are just tolerated” – the judge said in an interview for “Der Spiegel”. GNIS pointed to the problem of pressure from the public. He gave the example of an Albanian family, which could not be deported because the demonstrators blocked for seven hours the court in Bielefeld.

The judge criticized the politicians for public statements, which suggest “capital punishment.” A mistake also considered very meticulous prosecution of offenses that are treated more severely than minor offenses. In Berlin 20 per cent. the police officers involved only in the identification of drivers caught by the radar. This causes lack of strength on the prosecution of perpetrators of crim (more…)