Until Death Do You Realy Part: Wedding and Figuratively Speaking

Until Death Do You Realy Part: Wedding and Figuratively Speaking

Like numerous same-sex couples, Eric Henry and Tom (he prefers to not utilize their name that is last for), their partner of 36 months, had been delighted as soon as the U.S. Supreme Court ruled and only wedding equality in June 2015.

Nevertheless, unlike the tens of thousands of couples who headed towards the altar into the wake associated with the court’s decision, the two whom live in Overland Park, Kansas, made a decision to place their wedding plans on hold.

The primary explanation? Tom’s student-loan balance totaling a lot more than $300,000.

“He’s presently for a repayment that is income-based,” Henry says, “so he’d need to pay a lot more once my earnings ended up being considered.”

Henry and Tom aren’t the very first few to postpone wedding due to a debt load that is burdensome. Thirty-seven per cent of respondents up to a 2014 study because of the nationwide Foundation for Credit Counseling stated they wouldn’t marry some body having an amount that is“large of” until such responsibilities had been paid in complete.

Regardless if your spouse’s that are soon-to-be does not frighten you down, focusing on how wedding impacts your money as a whole – and figuratively speaking in particular – is important in order to avoid surprises later on. (more…)