Intercourse, medications, and poisoned chicken tales on new TG4 programme

Intercourse, medications, and poisoned chicken tales on new TG4 programme

What’s the most useful method for a pupil nursing assistant to prevent a housemate stealing her meals from the provided refrigerator?

Growing diuretics within the chicken is almost certainly not the best of remedies, but as a method of ensuring cohabiting meals thieves are “pissed off”, much more ways than one, it offers its uses.

This fast-food approach to the bathroom . can be chosen in handy being an anecdote when, decades later on, the nurse that is now former expected to have a road journey for TG4.

Nonetheless, it is a journey with an improvement, with motorists and people needed to share their innermost emotions on subjects as random as intercourse and medications and poisoned chickens, with a camera that is hidden with audiences nationwide.

Turas Bуthair, which starts a series that is second Thursday, is designed to reveal what folks actually speak about in their vehicles, by eavesdropping on moments of “joy and sadness, comedy and tragedy, love and loss”.

The moments recorded on their drive through the byways of Cork’s Mъscraн Gaeltacht include pronouncements on organ donation, abortion, and the rubbish that’s shown on television channels — with the exception of TG4 of course in the case of Sнle Uн Chrуinнn and her friend Mбire Uн Laoire.

With Mбire, mom of previous Cork footballer Noel O’Leary, in the wheel, Sнle recalls her times in digs as a student nursing assistant and how she put her training that is medical to use.

“We possessed a gang of us therefore we had been all proficient at keeping the spot clean, but this girl arrived and she did absolutely absolutely nothing,” recalls Sнle, whom lives in Bйal Бtha ’n Ghaorthaidh and that is initially from Cъil Aodha.

In the event that you had any such thing additional, she’d come and take in it and eat it. She took chicken that another woman and myself had, and also by god, she was taught by us a course. We got a chicken and we also got a number of the diuretics through the ward we had been taking care of, therefore we filled the chicken. We knew she’d take the meat and she did. She consumed it and she had been ill for per week. She didn’t take once again!

Over six episodes the pair, discuss more severe problems associated with Sнle’s time as being a nursing assistant in England, like the streams of females showing up here for termination of pregnancies, from Ireland and Spain in specific.

The show, featuring conversations by Irish speakers from Belfast, Kerry, Dublin, and Donegal, is produced and directed by Milene Fegan, whom described Mбire and Sнle as among the “stars associated with the show”.

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