Other Factors in Colombia Marriages and Civil Partnerships

Other Factors in Colombia Marriages and Civil Partnerships

Colombia allows exact same intercourse civil unions. Therefore, partners in exact same intercourse relationships have actually the best to additionally get wedding visas in Colombia.

In addition, it is crucial to comprehend that Colombia is basically a grouped community home nation.

Therefore, assets acquired post marital union are most often split 50/50 in Colombia and also this pertains to both marriages and partnerships that are civil. In Colombia, whoever has been managing his / her partner for more than 2 yrs really has very nearly the rights that are same a partner.

Nevertheless, assets which you get before your marriage/union in Colombia are usually not up for debate whenever dissolving any martial union in Colombia.

However it is feasible to obtain prenuptial agreements in Colombia http://www.mail-order-brides.org/latin-brides/, that are referred to as “capitulaciones matrimoniales”. (more…)