Las vegas Revenues Rebounded Heartily in 2013

Las vegas Revenues Rebounded Heartily in 2013

Las Vegas’ marketing promotions positioning the city as hip and occurring seem to be working, based on 2013 income tallies

It has been awhile since Las Vegas could actually upload any very positive news about revenues, but 2013 has been a watershed year economically for las vegas. Figures posted end-of-year by the Nevada Gaming Control Board show a whopping 22.6 percent spike in gaming revenues for the month of November, adhering to a notably flat October, a truth that promises to exhibit year-end that is excellent figures once compiled.

Second Best of the Year

Turns out was the second best of the year for Las Vegas Strip properties november. Baccarat took house the gold literally with a 94 percent hike, while table games also pulled a 53.5 percent jump to their weight, in comparison to 2012. Certainly no one is ripping out slot machines, but it seems that old-school gambling is the moneymaker these days in the town of Neon.

Statewide, the picture ended up being also a good one. A bump of 11.9 percent compared to the year prior across Nevada, casinos took in $875.9 million in November. And much more encouraging, it absolutely was the third monthly hike during days gone by four months.

Las Las Vegas’ uber-successful advertising campaign of being the coolest, hippest, swag-est place to be in the world is apparently working as it pertains to gambling because well; the Strip introduced $529.4 million in November overall, largely (more…)