Proceed to Repeal Massachusetts Casino Law Gaining Some Traction

 Proceed to Repeal Massachusetts Casino Law Gaining Some Traction

A map showing the three Massachusetts regions where casino licenses can theoretically be granted. Some voters want this statutory legislation repealed now.

Nobody within the continuing state of Massachusetts doubts that individuals here like to gamble. However, there seems to be a certain disconnect between that fact and the outcome of recent referendums, in which voters have already been rejecting casinos left and right across the state. The message seems become that casinos are okay so long as they’ve beenn’t located in their own backyard.

Not Near Me

Also Governor Deval Patrick has said that he’dn’t want a casino in his hometown of Richmond, while State House Speaker Robert DeLeo says he’d vote against one in Winthrop. Mind you, both are theoretically in favor of expanded gambling in the state just like long as it doesn’t land where they live.

But some anti-casino advocates are reading these votes in another way. They’ve said all along that gambling enterprises are harmful to communities and the continuing state as a whole, and they want to quit the casino expansion before it even gets started. Shortly ago, a small grouping of selectmen from four Massachusetts towns created the MetroWest Anti-Casino Coalition, friends that became specialized in repealing the casino legislation and stopping any casinos whatsoever from being built in their state; they now say their work has had such an impact that the t (more…)