5 Easy Methods To Survive A Russian Wedding

5 Easy Methods To Survive A Russian Wedding
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1. Eat a spoon of butter before you go out.

Old Russian magic trick quantity ЉЖ: A tablespoon of butter will coat a layer to your stomach of oil that may avoid gallons of vodka from being completely consumed. *

Since you may understand, ingesting is just a part that is big of adult function, especially therefore at Russian weddings. You will see a container of vodka on the dining table all the time. Individuals is toasts that are making you are going to need to take in with every toast; you will have plenty of toasts. You will require some option to mitigate the liquor or danger tossing up within the parking great deal. Eat the butter.

*May never be real technology.

2. Take in across the meals.

You will have a million courses. You will have:

  • Cheeses
  • Three kinds of bread
  • Four salads that are different
  • Hills of potatoes (fried, mashed, boiled, baked)
  • A platter of numerous cow tongues
  • Hunks of meat from the bone tissue
  • Assortments of salted seafood
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Various styled blintzes
  • Pickled every thing
  • Dessert (you will not likely remember consuming this)